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Cup Hijacked

May 1, 2022

Dear Sir

Grant Dalton, representing Team New Zealand, is taking the America’s Cup to Barcelona. The Challenger of Record is the New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Nevertheless, Dalton seems to have the power to do what he wants. Another prime example of the tail wagging the dog.

New Zealanders have been good to Dalton and have supported him in the past. He feels no need to reciprocate. Aucklanders in particular have spent much money in providing facilities for the Cup at the Viaduct. Dalton wants to continue using those facilities, even though the Cup will not be held in Auckland.

My personal protest is simple, yet clearly visible. I am flying a Team New Zealand flag from the flagpole of my vessel. It is upside down and is being flown at half-mast. I urge others to join me in this simple act of protest.

John Vague, Auckland