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Opinion Piece: Andy Ventura

March 13, 2022

Dear Editor,

When the Crusaders win the right to host a home Super Rugby final as they often do, they host it at home. Their home supporters would feel rightly aggrieved if the club management sold the hosting rights to a venue that hadn’t earned the privilege.  

So it is with the Americas Cup, except more so. It’s an honourable concept well understood by past defenders. Except for Alinghi (the Swiss have no ocean to sail on), in the 170 years since it was first run, only once has the home nation made the wrong decision and sold out to a foreign bidder. On that occasion it worked to our advantage. We beat the American defenders in Bermuda. Some might see that as poetic justice.

Team New Zealand did a truly wonderful job defending the cup in Auckland last year and earned widespread respect, love and admiration for doing so. It’s an extremely hard thing to achieve and their achievement cannot be underestimated. The British have been trying to win the cup for nearly two centuries without success. But it must not be forgotten that ETNZs success was brought about with the loyal support of tax paying New Zealanders without which it would not have been possible. That loyalty and support needs to be paid back.  

So please Team New Zealand, make the right choice and choose to defend our cup on home waters.  

Yours sincerely

Andy Ventura, Torbay