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The "best call" of Grant Dalton's life.

September 29, 2023

He has been quoted this week in a local Barcelona media site, that stripping New Zealand of the 37th America's Cup hosting and taking the defence to Barcelona was "the best call" of his life.


It would have been nice right now for New Zealand to have six international America's Cup Teams training and competing in Auckland, adding a considerable much-needed lift to the local economy. It also would have helped a better return on the millions of generous Central Government and Auckland Council Funding poured into the Viaduct Harbour facilities that now seem to look like a wasteland.


I should also add that strictly legally, the decision was not Grant's to make, but that of the then Committee of the RNZYS, who allowed him to do it.


Let's hope a future RNZYS Committee would not make the same call again for 38th America's Cup - if they get the chance, but I am not holding my breath after Jeddah was recently determined to be an appropriate venue for an America's Cup event.

With the Saudi sportswashing machine spinning in overdrive at present, who is willing to bet against a Saudi hosting for the 38th America's Cup should TNZ win in 2024. Just how embarrassingly low can it go?


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